Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scumbag Jay Sherbondy aka "Leland Benton" Interviewed!

Check out this interview of con man, convicted felon, and all around loser Harry Jay Sherbondy:

"Cons On A Bus! Prisoners Ride Alongside Passengers"

We hear he now resides / runs his latest scams in Cedar City, Utah, and his using the alias Dr. Leland Benton.

Be sure to steer clear of this douchebag!

Thanks to a recent poster for sharing this...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Your Experiences with Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) Here

** WARNING: Con Man / Convicted Felon Jay Sherbondy is now going by the name Jason Secord **

The photo and information posted on the Facebook and Linkedin profiles under the name Jason Secord / Webezes in the Las Vegas area are FAKE!

Add your comments about your experiences, past or present, with pathological liar/con man/convicted felon Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord)....

If you post anonymously please use the nick name option otherwise it gets confusing.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Common Lies Told By Harry Jay Sherbondy, Jr. (aka Jason Secord)

LIE: My wife and two daughters were killed in a car accident.

FACT: His wife left him and is still living, both of his daughters are still living and in the Las Vegas area.

LIE: I own a villa in Spain (variations include Switzerland, Italy) that I inherited from my wealthy family.

FACT: Jay Sherbondy owns no property, and resides in a small house owned by Margaret M. Smith.

LIE: My family is wealthy, I'm a millionaire, I often live in Europe, I used to own a jet, etc.

FACT: Jay has lived in the Las Vegas area for more than 20 years (6 of them in prison). His father Harry still lives in a manufactured home and works as a security guard. His mother, Josephine Sherbondy, died in May 2001. His family has never had any substantial wealth. He is certainly not a millionaire.

LIE: I work as Chief Human Behavior Specialist for a large, multi-national company called Global Reach International, Ltd.

FACT: Global Reach International, Ltd. is solely operated by Jay Sherbondy and Margaret "Peggy" Smith. There are no employees, no "management team," no "Florida-based legal department," no "Chicago-based IT Department," etc.

LIE: Global Reach International, Ltd. had a large IT department & "warehouse-size" center for servers located in Chicago.

FACT: Global Reach has hired the Chicago-based Expedite Media Group ( to design some of their websites, such as and

LIE: Global Reach owns or is buying Mr. Coffee coffee.

FACT: Complete B.S. - Mr.Coffee is owned by Sunbeam Products, Inc.

More on the Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) / Webezes, Inc. / Global Reach International / Theolegians Story

More on the Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) / Webezes, Inc. / Global Reach International story (Jay Sherbondy aka Jason Secord keeps trying to kill the sites we put up... so I'll post the info here as well).

The following information has been posted with the goal of assisting anyone that may have the misfortune of crossing paths with a man that goes by the name of "Dr. Jay Sherbondy."

"Dr. Jay Sherbondy" (real name: Harry Jay Sherbondy, Jr.) is a con man, residing in Las Vegas, NV, who was convicted on seven counts of fraud and sent to federal prison for 6 1/2 years. He is currently out on parole but back up to his old tricks. In conversation he tries to whitewash his fraud convictions as "trouble with the IRS for tax evasion." Harry J. Sherbondy was released from prison on 12/14/2001 (Source:

"Dr. Jay Sherbondy" is a highly manipulative smooth talker, but make no miskake: he is a liar and a criminal.

To report criminal activity related to Jay Sherbondy, please contact Probation Office Henry Stegman, State of Nevada Department of Public Safety, Parole and Probation Division, at (702) 388-6588, your local police deparment, and the Las Vegas office of the FBI.

Jay Sherbondy most recently is orchestrating his scams under the guise of "Global Reach International, Ltd.," which he often describes as a huge global company with thousands of employees. Interestingly, this supposedly global organization with "thousands of employees" and a "legal department" operates out of a small house at 9034 W. Rochelle Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89147, phone: 702-877-2420.

In reality, Global Reach was set up in 2004 and amounts to little more than Jay Sherbondy, his associate/girlfriend/partner-in-crime Margaret "Peggy" Smith (the "President and CEO" of Global Reach, who also happens to own and reside in the house on Rochelle Ave.), and whichever website designer he is scamming at the time. The company was set up with everything in Peggy Smith's name. The Rochelle Ave. address is also Jay Sherbondy's current residence, and is located less than 1 mile from his preferred Starbuck's meeting place on Flamingo and Durango.

Peggy Smith lived with her husband in the house on Rochelle until he died a couple of years ago. Jay Sherbondy met Peggy when she was distraught and in therapy over the loss of her husband and quickly set up camp.

In summary, Jay Sherbondy and Margaret "Peggy" Smith operate "Global Reach International, Ltd." out of a small (approximately 1980 sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 3 bath) house at 9034 W. Rochelle Ave. in Las Vegas. We verified with Clark County records that this house is owned by Margaret M. Smith and by the Secretary of State that Global Reach International, Ltd. was started August 14, 2004 and is owned by Peggy Smith (aka Margaret M. Murphy-Smith).

Harry Jay Sherbondy, Jr. does nothing in his own name and just bullys others into leveraging whatever resources they may have into his service or wherever he thinks he can make the fastest buck. He gets very emotionally and verbally abusive whenever people don't spend their money/credit to participate in what he wants. Coerced participation has included: gifting programs, couponing, montisizing, mortgage elimination, AdPac (legit - a very nice man operates this in Las Vegas), private investigation, REIT's (Real Estate Investment Trusts), setup of corporation soles (with bank accounts) - template was stolen. He tries to get others to use their merchant accounts for whatever it is he wants to sell, or has used "" in the past. He takes other people's networks, address books, etc., and works them.

Global Reach's fictitious Florida-based "legal department" is, in reality, in the case of a recent contract, a web-based legal service called (based in San Francisco). A recent Global Reach contract in our possession is based on a template from, and was authored by Dmitry Shubov. The point is Global Reach has no "legal department." Jay Sherbondy also buys travel certificates out of Florida.

Jay Sherbondy and Margaret "Peggy" Smith also operate websites such as, "", "", "" and "", and many, many others. They are involved in dozens of so-called internet affiliate marketing programs (the internet version of multi-level marketing) such as

Known phone numbers currently in use by Global Reach International, Ltd. (2005):

702-877-2420 - land line listed under Margaret M. Smith

702-349-5763 - Peggy Smith/Global Reach International voice mail

702-809-8557 - Margaret "Peggy" Smith's cell phone

702-889-1580 - fax number

Jay Sherbondy's e-mail address:

Author of Two Dozen Books?

Jay Sherbondy's claims to have published between seven and "over two dozen" books, depending on which of his website posts you are looking at. This is also a lie. Our extensive search yielded only one published book, titled "Addictions," which was self-published with Authorhouse. From the Authorhouse website: "Since 1997, AuthorHouse, the leading self-publishing company in the world, has helped authors achieve their book publishing goals." In other words, Jay Sherbondy paid a publishing company in order to get his one book in print. His other works, all unpublished, in some cases amount to little more than pamphlets.

[Results of searches for author "Jay Sherbondy": 1 book, 0 reviews; Barnes & 1 book, 0 reviews; 1 book; UNLV Library: 0 books, Las Vegas Public Library: 0 books, Henderon Public Library: 0 books]

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Jay Sherbondy uses the guise of being a Christian to dupe people into believing he is a moral person. He condems the actions of others to give himself an air of moral superiority. Don't fall for it. He lies almost constantly, cheats people out of money, fails to provide payment for services rendered, and fails to deliver services he has been compensated for.

Jay Sherbondy takes other people's real, traumatic life events, puts a spin on them, and regurgitates them as his own. His mother was born in Buffalo, NY, and died in May 2001 while Jay was in prison. His father, a private security guard, who Jay claims had brain surgery, in fact never did. Jay may have grown up in L.A., and his social security number was not issued until 1965. Jay has never performed on stage in his life, including comedy, psychology, or his so-called "Fit for Love" workshops. He mocked a demo tape by reading off cue cards, claiming he is a renowned speaker. Jay even claims to own a dog named Tuffy, which actually belongs to his sister.

Fraudulent Educational Background

As for his education, Jay Sherbondy does not actually have a Ph.D. (in anything). However, we have used the title "Dr." to aid people in locating this document, as this is how he refers to himself. He is often referred to as a "Psychologist" on websites marketing his book, however he does not have a degree in Psychology. We've uncovered information that leads us to believe that Harry Jay Sherbondy, Jr. has no formal college education whatsover, and he may not even have graduated from high school.

Recent Criminal Activity

$1000's in unpaid debts to Phoenix-based website designerUnpaid debts to Florida-based website designer

$4800 in unperformed marketing services for California real estate owner

$12,000+ in losses and 6 months of lost time for California business owner, via phoney "Contrarian Corporation" scam

More to come - currently under investigationWe have just begun to scratch the surface of Jay Sherbondy's octopus-like dealings.

If you feel you have been scammed by Jay Sherbondy / Theolegions /Global Reach International, Ltd. please post it on this blog!!

Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) / Global Reach Interational / Theologians

Let's try this again. No anonymous posts this time...

Please feel free to post any experiences you have had with con man/convicted felon Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord). Let's send this loser back to prison where he belongs!

I'll start with my story just to get the ball rolling. Back in 2005 I had the misfortune of meeting Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) through a friend of mine. This friend hired Jay Sherbondy to market a property in Southern California. Jay later contacted me about doing some web design. He said that he worked for a company called Global Reach International, Ltd. that had thousands of employees and a management team and legal department based in Florida. They also had an IT group and technology center based in Chicago "the size of a Wal-Mart."

Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) said he personally made over $5 million per year. As IT Director, I would be started at $90,000/year, but I was told I would quickly be making $250,000/year as a percentage of the income generated by the websites I developed. He stated "the company regularly hands out $25,000 bonuses."

He said he personally owned a home in Las Vegas, as well as "a villa in Spain." He also stated that Global Reach "owned several buildings in Las Vegas." He stated that Global Reach "had just purchased the company Mr. Coffee."

In addition, he also offered another friend of mine a $200,000/year job as an activity director for "Global Travel," an cruise ship company. This job would entail spending one month in Spain every other month.

Detecting what I call "a high B.S. factor" in just about everything Jay Sherbondy told me, I decided to do some research. I quickly learned everything I was told were lies.

Global Reach was essentially a 2-person company consisting of Jay Sherbondy and his girlfriend Peggy Smith. Jay is a convicted felon who spent nearly 7 years in prison for fraud. There was no legal department in Florida, no IT department in Chicago, and no travel company or cruise line. I also found out that my friend had been scammed out of $4800 for marketing services that were never provided.

And this turned out to be just the tip of the ice berg. Some of Jay Sherbondy's lies didn't even make sense. For example, why make up the cruise ship story? What did Jay stand to gain? At some point, it would have become obvious that the job and indeed the entire story were fake.

My best guess at this point is that Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) is compulsive, pathological liar, and runs scams but also simply lies just to lie. His mind may be so delusional that he actually believes some of the stories he is telling, or thinks they will come to pass before anyone catches on.

These are just my offhand speculations. It would take a psychiatrist to put forth a theory on Jay Sherbondy's compulsive, pathological lying and delusional ideas.

One thing is certain: Jay Sherbondy (aka Jason Secord) will continue to lie and run scams as long as he is free. He is a danger to society and should be incarcerated.